Design & Management​

Landscape Design

Every exceptional backyard is made possible with an exceptional design. At My Oasis, we understand the importance of taking the time needed to sit with you and understand your needs and vision for your backyard and create a unique design with elements to fit your taste in style while addressing all factors such as space flow, transitions, expected traffic, functionality, hydrozones, sun exposure, drainage, infrastructure and bylaw requirements. When you hire My Oasis, you can expect our design specialist to plan every square foot of the backyard with you and leave no stone unturned to give you your very own oasis while making sure all material choices creatively maximize the reach of your budget beyond what you may have thought possible.

Once we have a clear picture of how we can amaze you, we will begin working on a 3D rendering to give you a virtual walk through of your backyard. You can expect a high level of detail showing you everything including any part of the backyard that you wish to remain as is to the furniture you plan to put in your backyard. Additionally, we provide you with up to 3 revisions at no extra cost and your final design package will include a video walk through, 6 pictures, sun exposure notes, site plan, material list, suggestion on possible add-ons and cost quotation to bring to life the backyard of your dreams.

Permit Management

One of the most frustrating things to deal with while building a pool, additions, or other structure in your backyard, is dealing with the permits, especially if you are trying to work around setback requirements, drastic change in grading, and/or natural features/tree protection zones. The permit process can take up a lot of your time and lead you to give up on your project due to delays and misinformation. At My Oasis we take great pride in our commitment to making the construction process as clear and straightforward as possible. Our experience with obtaining permits efficiently can be of great benefit to you, the only document you will need to sign is an agent authorization form and we will do everything else on your behalf to make your ideal design become a reality, while keeping you up to date every step of the way.

Project Management

At My Oasis, we value our commitment to keeping our clients stress free during the construction process. In the case where the scope of your project includes a service that we do not offer inhouse, you can rely on us and our trade connections to obtain multiple quotes from trusted professionals for your review, along with a recommendation on which quote offers the best value. We will handle all communication, paper work, supervision and quality control so you only have to deal with us to provide you with a hassle free, turnkey experience.